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Lemon Meringue Roulade

  • Intermediate
  • 8-10 servings
  • 15 min
Baking Success Or Baking Mess


5 eggs, separated
¾ cup sugar
1 teaspoon Fleischmann's® Corn Starch
1 tsp. white wine vinegar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
½ cup ground almonds
½ cup sliced almonds
1 ½ cups Lemon curd, or store bought
1 cup of heavy cream 35%
Jelly roll pan or a small 10 x 15” baking sheet
Electric mixer with whisk attachment


Preheat oven to 400F. Line jelly roll pan with parchment

paper. Lightly spray with No-Stick Cooking Spray.

Wipe down a large bowl and whisk

beaters with lemon juice to remove any oil residue. Add egg whites to bowl and whisk on high with

an electric mixer until stiff peaks form.

Gradually add in the sugar, one tablespoon at a time on high speed,

mixing well with each addition until very stiff and glossy. Gently fold in the cornstarch, white wine

vinegar and vanilla extract, then fold in the ground almonds. Spread the meringue onto the prepared

parchment paper, sprinkle with the sliced almonds.

Bake in preheated oven on middle

rack for 8 minutes, then reduce heat to 300F and continue to bake for another

20 minutes or until firm to the touch.

Once done, remove from the oven, cover the meringue with parchment paper

and flip upside down and using another tray or larger board to help. Gently peel away the baking paper off the

base of the meringue and allow to cool.

While cooling, whip the heavy cream

using an electric mixer until soft peaks form.

Spread the lemon curd over the

cooled meringue and then spread the whipped cream on top.

Using the paper underneath to help,

gently start to roll the short end up as tight as possible, without squeezing

out the filling. The meringue will crack

as you roll, this is part of its character.

Place meringue on a serving platter.

Best served immediately, if desired, dust with icing sugar before

serving. This dessert can also be

frozen, wrap well and freeze up to one month, thaw in refrigerator prior to


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